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Our team of expert staff includes teachers, high level instructors, former pro athletes, college students and high aptitude coaches. At Future Stars it’s about more than just sports, its about a holistic approach to enrichment. We insure that all our students are held to a high standard of character, accountability, hard work and respect.

Founder/CEO, Director of Athletics

Founder/CEO, Director of AthleticsPeter’s vision, sense of community and extensive worldly experience has enabled him to help create a company whose mission is to offer community products and services that enhance the life experiences of our youth. Peter’s mother and father served as an important role models for him and their hard work, dedication and refusal to fail, guaranteed that Peter was educated in the top private schools in England. Peter is focused on giving our youth a chance to be successful, just like he had. His early education post England led to his transfer to Cincinnati, Ohio, which created an important foundation for his focus, hard work, integrity and kindness. Peter played college basketball at Eastern Michigan University, where he was an academic standout, who enjoyed ALL CONFERENCE ACADEMIC HONORS. Upon graduation he turned down entrance to LAW SCHOOL and chose to pursue a professional basketball career in Europe, where he played for 13 years. Peter enjoyed a wonderful career that took him all around the world. Peter speaks 5 languages and has a unique cultural diversity that brings a depth and perspective to Future Stars, that is essential in insuring the uniqueness of our organization.

He is focused on making a difference in his community by sharing his knowledge and experience through creating high quality youth programs, mentoring children and families and creating the impetus for our youth, which will lead to their eventual success.

Vice President

Stacy has always been a leader in our community. Her passion to make a difference is selfless and relentless. Her roles as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, life coach, business leader and community advocate define her as a person. She is dedicated to insuring that our programs are a success as we offer a thorough, comprehensive and enjoyable experience for all our families. At Future Stars, Stacy is spearheading our Leadership and Mentorship programs, our Anti- Bullying campaign and our youth sports programs. She is also responsible for the logistical operations. As a portfolio manager, she manages and oversees the behind the scenes creation of our international experience, sports events and programs.

Customer Service Coordinator

Rebecca is our front end Customer Service Coordinator, working primarily in our office on administrative items such as setting up registrations, assisting leadership in communications, and assisting customers with any needs they may have.


Ryan and his family founded and built Arizona Sports Complex, located in Glendale, Arizona, in 2005, as a way to bring the community together under a united love of sports. Ryan knows first-hand the value of recreational sports in childhood development from his own experiences participating in sports at a very young age. For years, Arizona Sports Complex (ASC) has provided a place for kids and adults of all ages to come learn valuable life skills and cultivate their love of indoor soccer. In 2016, ASC joined forces with Future Stars International to expand and provide additional quality sports program offerings, including volleyball and basketball. 

Partnership Assistant / GM ASC

Justin Sayban is General Manager of Arizona Sports Complex in Glendale, Arizona. Justin first started his career in recreational sports back in 2001 at the age of 14 at a local roller hockey rink, and because of his positive experiences throughout his time working in the industry, and enjoying participation in sports throughout his life, Justin has made it his mission to provide quality programs of sports and other activities to improve the the lives of the participants and their community.