Adult Basketball – Player Conduct

Adult Basketball – Player Conduct2018-11-29T20:13:46+00:00

Foul Language/Confrontational Offenses:

The Foul Language/Confrontational Offenses rule is in effect as a means to prevent escalation of tempers.
Foul Language is considered any profanity not suitable for a family friendly environment, regardless of who it is directed at.
If the Foul Language is loud enough for a referee to hear, and therefore loud enough for spectators to hear, then it is subject to the below actions.

  • Foul Language 1st offense- Technical Foul
  • Foul Language 2nd offense- Technical Foul/Ejection
  • Foul Language Directed at Official – Technical Foul/Ejection


Fighting or physical altercation of any kind is not tolerated in our programs.
While we understand sports are competitive and can be physical, to maintain a recreational atmosphere and safe environment, intentional physical provocation and contact is strictly prohibited.

  • Immediate Ejection, Suspension to follow determined by league management